The Acesso App


App and Web portal fully integrated with existing hospital IT systems to improve disease management.

• Increased convenience and normalised lives of patients

• Freeing up capacity in hospitals

• Reduced healthcare costs

• Securely connecting patients and their confidential clinical data with trusted doctor/existing clinical team



Several hospital appointments per year, most are just routine check-ups that need not to be in a face-to-face setting
  • More convenient
  • Eliminates duplicate tests
  • Promotes normalisation of lives
  • Reduced risk of loss to follow up
  • Commissioners/payers
  • Increasing proportion of budget for chronic or stable disease
  • Healthcare costs rising faster than growth in budgets
  • Same or better quality
  • Reduced cost of face-to-face appointments
  • Hospitals
  • Outpatients currently running at capacity but increasing demand
  • Variation in management and quality of care
  • Free up capacity to allow clinicians to concentrate on complex patients
  • Linkage between specialties
  • Technology

    The Web Application is hosted on a server at each clinical site and provides two services. The Clinical Web Application represents the software and associated interfaces that Clinical Users interact with. The API Adapter (Application Programming Interface) is a site-specific service provided by the Web Application that provides the necessary interface with local clinical and demographic systems, via their respective APIs.

    The Mobile Application is also made up of two components: The Patient User Application and the Messaging Service. The Patient User Application represents the iPhone or Android application that is used by Patient Users on their mobile devices. The Messaging Service represents the Cloud Service used to relay messages securely from the Clinical User Application to the Patient User Application.